Re: Not able to connect from CDMA2000 Modem from Network Manager connection


>> Yes, I am sure about connectivity. I can use it on my mate's Win OS.
>> PFA MM and NM logs
>> nm.log.txt , 
>> modem.log.txt 

The device is a "Via Telecom" model "CBP7.0", which reports both CDMA
(CEVDO, +CIS707P-A, +CIS-856-A) and GSM (+CGSM) capabilities, and
exposes a single AT port.

It is handled by the generic CDMA plugin, but it doesn't report to have
connectivity: AT+CAD? replies '0' (no service) all the time.

If you do have connectivity in a Windows machine with the same device,
I'm assuming that there is some missing step in the connection setup in
order to have it working.

Are you able to sniff the AT flow traffic in the USB port in the windows
machine where the modem works?

Dan, any other idea?


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