Hi - openSuse Networkmanager issue

Hi all,

Can I get support from you?  I am using networkmanager on openSuse 12.1.  It never fails with a hardwire connection.  It never fails on an unencrypted open network.

I cannot, however, get it to work with an encrypted network.  It it just did not work at all it might be easy to fix, but this is something really odd.

I enable my wifi (iwlagn) with network manager.  I use WPA-psk and my passphrase.  I pick up a valid IP address, right now the lease gives me  That's great!  But now I am not connected.  I can pink local host.  I can ping myself at but not the router -  Here is the real odd thing.  I started pinging other devices around the network just to see what would happen.  I can ping a printer at ..... amazing, but I cannot ping the IP of the router that gave me the dhcp address! 

Any ideas?  I am confounded.


Mike Reese

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