Re: Not able to connect from CDMA2000 Modem from Network Manager connection


> kern.log  
> lshal.log  
> m-tool.log  
> searchusb.log  
> syslog.log  
> usb-info.txt  
> I have trouble connecting my modem through Network Manager. The modem is
> given by Indian Government Telco. BSNL. I have attached logs as asked 
> here . Please
> help me to get this device supported. I use Ubuntu OS in my system and don't
> want to migrate to Windows.
> Reproduced issue on 12.04 also.

Cannot see ModemManager debug logs; those would help. Anyway, there's a
warning saying:

<warn> CDMA connection failed: (32) No service

You sure you have connectivity in there?


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