Re: Hello, please help with my 3G device

>>Hello, it works now! nearly perfect, but still another problem, how
>>could I lock the
>>network to 3g(td-scdma), and not automaticly switch back and forth between
>>3g and 2g(edge, sometimes even gprs)? My signal here is sometimes a little
>>and I'd like to not switch back to 2g.
>>I tried the option 'Type', change it from 'any' to '3G(UMTS/HSPA)',
>>then the profile
>>didn't work.
>>Again the detailed log.
>I cannot see any "AT^SYSCFG" call in that log, which is the Huawei-specific
>way to get/set allowed modes.. so there's something wrong somewhere.
>Specifying the allowed mode in the Simple Connect settings should trigger
>mode change if the current allowed modes are different than the requested
Let me clarify it: its status not changed during one connection, but between
different ones, that is, every time I reconnect, the status changed. and the log
is only one time of them.

I don't think you clarified it much :-) So the mode *does* change between connections or it *doesn't*? Can you provide full debug logs, including several connections and mode change requests?


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