Re: Save button disabled

On Thu, 2011-07-28 at 09:03 +0400, Eugene Arshinov wrote:
> Hi all.
> I'm a newbie in this mailing list and I have two questions which I'll
> post one by one.
> The first question is about the save button in the connection
> properties dialog: sometimes it is disabled even after I enter root
> password.  It happened to me when I tried to change a wireless
> connection to which I never connected (it is probably my neighbour's
> network).  When NetworkManager discovered this network, it always tried
> to connect to it and failed because the network is passworded.  In the
> connection properties dialog I wanted to unset the "Connect
> automatically" checkbox, but could not save the changes as the save
> button was disabled.  The question is: why the save button is disabled
> and how do I forbid NetworkManager to connect to that wireless
> network?

You could delete the connection, in which case NM will no longer attempt
to connect to it.  When "Save" is disabled, that is usually one of two
things...  the configuration is invalid (which could be due to a missing
password, missing SSID, etc) or you don't have permissions to delete it.
What version of NM?


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