The +COPS? values in TS27007 have been enhanced, new MM ACCESS TECH constant needed?

Hi all,
	I saw that some mobile broadband modems are starting to support the 
latest version of TS27.007 with regard to AT+COPS?. So five more values for 
bearer type are now possible and the MM spec 0.5 covers all but LTE. I know 
there is work in progress to redesign the MM spec for 0.6, but would it be 
possible to add another constant to MM 0.5 spec in the interim, please?

3GPP TS 27.007 V10.4.0, +COPS
<AcT>: integer type; access technology selected
0       GSM
1       GSM Compact
2       UTRAN
3       GSM w/EGPRS
4       UTRAN w/HSDPA
5       UTRAN w/HSUPA
6       UTRAN w/HSDPA and HSUPA
7       E-UTRAN

I'll send a patch for same.



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