Re: Network Manager reason codes

On Fri, 11 Feb 2011 19:06:18 +0000
mike cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:

> I don't know if you have actually tried this in a real life situation
> or not?  However if you do have two access points, and they have the
> same ssid, and the same wpa2 encryption with the same password, but
> are on different channels (let's say one is upstairs and the other is
> downstairs)

Yes, in fact I have been using this on a regular basis in an environment consisting of as much as 20 APs
serving a corporate facility. 

I am sorry that there seems to be some issues with the software/hardware you are using.

You can try if fine-tuning the "sens" parameter of iwconfig helps.

Check the signal level you get with iwconfig, then adapt the sens value, and try if roaming happens faster
if you then change position in your home.

Those 20 APs were actually built and configured by me, and one of the requirements for that installation was
uninterrupted WLAN Voip calling while the clients roam between the APs. So, in theory, roaming is a very well
working concept. Still, it depends on the hardware and software/drivers working well together.

For debugging, you can also try if disabling network-manager and configuring the connection manually
in /etc/networks gives better roaming behaviour.

If roaming does not work for you, it is a misconfiguration or a bug, and defining several networks with
different BSSIDs for the sams SSID is nothing but crude workaround which should not be necessary.



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