Re: Network Manager reason codes

> > 
> > That is of course fine - but there are use cases where the two APs are
> > both in one's own home - and both have the same ssid.... and that
> > presents a problem - at least for me.
> > 
I cannot see the problem either. I think you are talking about the common scenario of having several APs
physically distributed on a location which are providing the same WLAN (i.e. all have identical SSID and
security settings) to clients. Purpose is to ensure good connectivity around the whole facility.

This situation is already handled automatically by Network Manager. Simply define a network configuration,
and do NOT set a bssid. This way, NM can (and will) always and automatically connect to the AP with the
strongest signal. It will also automatically switch to another AP if you move out of the range of one AP and
into the range of another AP. It does this transparently, usually even without any noticeable connection

DO NOT set the BSSID (MAC) if you want to roam several APs that provide the same WLAN.

To optimize WLAN quality,  configure APs with distinct channels (e.g. 1 and 6) to avoid interferences between
both signals.


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