Re: An equivalent to dhclient.conf's "prepend domain-name-servers"?

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

>> Even if NetworkManager just provided a boolean option to support a
>> local caching nameserver.  This could be presented in the GUI as "This
>> system has a caching name server" with a check box.  Default is off.
>> I would like a way to configure this from the command line but I'm
>> sure I could figure that out by learning a little more about dbus.
> I really, really do plan to make caching nameserver work :)


It used to work, many moons ago..   But I know it required special
custom dbus hacks to bind to get it to work.  But please... I really
miss this feature.  It's especially important for VPNs because right now
when I turn on a VPN I get the VPN DNS servers, and if the VPN dies
(like on their end) and stops transmitting packets then I lose DNS
completely (at least until I manually bring down the VPN).

With split-DNS/caching server it all worked great (although I did have
to modify the vpn handler in order to insert domains in the search-path
properly for the VPN dns servers.

> Dan


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