Enabling Deflate compression for DSL connections

I'm trying to set up a PPPOE connection using an ADSL modem in bridge
mode with NetworkManager 0.8. Everything looks fine, pppd can
successfully establish the connection.

But NetworkManager keeps adding the nodeflate option to the pppd
command line no matter whether I check or uncheck the "Allow Deflate
data compression" checkbox. How do I get rid of nodeflate? I'd like to
use the Deflate compression.

By the way, the "Allow BSD data compression checkbox" seems to work
fine. A nobsdcomp option is added only when the checkbox is unchecked.
But my ISP doesn't support BSD compression.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 without latest security and bugfix updates.

This looks like a bug but I'm new to NetworkManager and it might be me
just doing something wrong. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

 -- Alexander

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