Re: An equivalent to dhclient.conf's "prepend domain-name-servers"?

On 07/29/2010 09:33 AM, Carl Baldwin wrote:
> I have fought with this issue since Ubuntu started using
> NetworkManager and my dhclient.conf settings stopped working.
> I use dnsmasq on my machine for several reasons.  I like having a
> caching nameserver but more importantly I use dnsmasq so that I can
> set up rules for which upstream servers to contact for certain
> domains/networks.  I do this because I routinely create VPN tunnels to
> other networks and there are situations where I set static routes to
> other networks through non-default gateways.  The bottom line is that
> I do a few complex things in my network setup so that other things end
> up being a lot easier.

Fearless enough to run a helper program?  I've written a C program that
makes dnsmasq work.  The program sets up a file alteration monitor on
/etc/resolv.conf.  Whenever that file changes, the code ensures that
"" is the first nameserver listed there and passes the upstream
server addresses to dnsmasq.  A short script in
/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d makes sure this program is running
whenever a network interface is started.  I believe it's pretty
bulletproof, and most of its configuration can be overridden from the
command line.

Source is available from

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