An equivalent to dhclient.conf's "prepend domain-name-servers"?

I have fought with this issue since Ubuntu started using
NetworkManager and my dhclient.conf settings stopped working.

I use dnsmasq on my machine for several reasons.  I like having a
caching nameserver but more importantly I use dnsmasq so that I can
set up rules for which upstream servers to contact for certain
domains/networks.  I do this because I routinely create VPN tunnels to
other networks and there are situations where I set static routes to
other networks through non-default gateways.  The bottom line is that
I do a few complex things in my network setup so that other things end
up being a lot easier.

Prepending nameservers to the list handed to me in DHCP was the
perfect solution.  NetworkManager seems to only have the ability to
supersede the list handed to me.  This is not ideal, especially on a
laptop that moves from network to network.  The list of servers from
DHCP is what I want to use as the default for anything that does not
specifically have an override.  dnsmasq was designed specifically for
this, it reads the default upstream servers from /etc/resolv.conf
(ignoring localhost entries).

I ran across resolvconf.  I installed it on my Ubuntu 10.04 system.
Though it seemed to include some integration with dnsmasq it didn't
seem to work.  dnsmasq ended up not finding the default upstream
servers.  Since this used to work great for me I'm not highly
motivated to spend time learning what resolvconf is all about.

I very strongly would like NetworkManager to support prepending DNS
servers.  Is this possible now?  I have no fear of command line or
/etc/ config file solutions.

Thank you,
Carl Baldwin

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