Re: Managing a connection using D-Bus API

On 01.07.2010 23:40, Giovanni Campagna wrote:

> I believe it could help users of some other distros too. Why not
> developing togheter with other NM frontends (nmcli / nm-applet)?
> In particular with regard to modifying connections, you should follow
> closely, as they plan to change the way settings are stored

That's of course possible but I'll prefer waiting 2-3 weeks for the current code
to become more mature and fully functional. I think that the API modifications
in anywhere should be transparent as it is possible thanks to the binding but
I'll keep this in mind.

> According to NetworkManager docs (
> ),
> you can deactivate a connection using NM.DeactivateConnection() (or
> the binding equivalent), except that nm-applet will detect the
> connection going down and, not knowing why, will immediately
> reconnect.

Hm, the stickyness of nm-applet's behaviour is a little bit weird but I think that
arises from the tagline of NM which is "NetworkManager attempts to keep an active
network connection available at all times."

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