can't enter wpa password

I'm using my Linux box (OpenSuse 11.2) with a Sprint MiFi box. In the past it has worked fine but yesterday afternoon for some reason is cut me off and I haven't been able to get back on. All the other boxes work (using that other OS from Washington).
When I try to log on it will only give me the option to enter a WEP code, not a WPA. With some jiggling--turning radio off and on, disabling wireless and reenabling it, deleting the connection and trying to recreate it, even rebooting, I sometimes will get a dialog box that calls for the WPA password. But then the "Apply" button is greyed out, so NetworkManager seems to be refusing to do anything with my WPA password even when it offers to let me enter it.
Help!  I need to be able to work.

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