Re: can't enter wpa password

On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 12:54 AM, carpetnailz
<carpetnailz researchintegration org> wrote:
> I'm using my Linux box (OpenSuse 11.2) with a Sprint MiFi box. In the past
> it has worked fine but yesterday afternoon for some reason is cut me off and
> I haven't been able to get back on. All the other boxes work (using that
> other OS from Washington).
> When I try to log on it will only give me the option to enter a WEP code,
> not a WPA. With some jiggling--turning radio off and on, disabling wireless
> and reenabling it, deleting the connection and trying to recreate it, even
> rebooting, I sometimes will get a dialog box that calls for the WPA
> password. But then the "Apply" button is greyed out, so NetworkManager seems
> to be refusing to do anything with my WPA password even when it offers to
> let me enter it.
So how about delete the connection in 'wireless' tab of 'Network
Connections' Dialog, then try to connect the wireless again.

> Help!  I need to be able to work.
> Thanks.
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