Re: Additional IPv6 address

Once again.
After some investigation, it turns out to be *one* problem here, the
rest are "induced". The one problem is: when you edit a connection in
the Gnome "Network Connections" applet, and set "Available to all users"
checkbox *plus* set "Method" to "Manual" in "IPv6 Settings", once you
hit "Apply", the connection disappears from the list altogether!

Is the maintainer of "Network Connections" applet on this list? Can
anyone confirm that the problem exists for them?

Thank you,

Eugene Crosser wrote:
> Sorry if this has been discussed already, I did only a cursory search,
> and did not find the answer...
> I am running stock karmic/gnome,
> network-manager: 0.8~a~git.20091013t193206.679d548-0ubuntu1
> My router has /56 IPv6 prefix assigned, and radvd running. If "IPv6
> Settings" for the Ethernet connection on the karmic machine are set to
> "Ignore", I get automatically allocated v6 address on the interface,
> based on prefix and MAC, and v4 address got by DHCP. Now, I want to add
> another IPv6 address to the interface, not based on MAC. If I do it with
> 'ifconfig', it works. So far, everything is all right.
> Now, I try to add that additional address via networkmanager applet.
> When I select "Method: Manual" and add the address, first of all, it is
> not always saved! Next time I run the applet, it may or may not be
> there. Second, when I hit "Apply", the connection instantly goes down,
> and may or may not come up again. Then, even if it did come up, it comes
> down after some time (that means, both v4 and v6 are down).
> Is it a known problem or an error on my side? If not, I will collect
> more information for debugging.
> Thanks,
> Eugene

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