Re: Additional IPv6 address

On Monday 08 of February 2010 10:54:54 Eugene Crosser wrote:
> Once again.
> After some investigation, it turns out to be *one* problem here, the
> rest are "induced". The one problem is: when you edit a connection in
> the Gnome "Network Connections" applet, and set "Available to all users"
> checkbox *plus* set "Method" to "Manual" in "IPv6 Settings", once you
> hit "Apply", the connection disappears from the list altogether!

NetworkManager uses plugins to read/write system-wide ("Available to all 
users") connections.
On Ubuntu, you use probably ifupdown and keyfile. You can check this in 

IPv6 support was added to 'keyfile' plugin just little time ago.
(git commit: a74e2cfde052120753bd2050fb9a7a1dc79e8a8f, 8 Jan 2010).

So update NetworkManager. Without that, you are not able to read/store IPv6 
system connections.

You can see debug messages in /var/log/daemon.log.

> Thank you,


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