Re: Automatic 6to4 for network-manager

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 9:12 AM, Martijn Lievaart <m rtij nl> wrote:
> On 11/18/2009 09:09 AM, Graham Beneke wrote:
>> Dan Williams wrote:
>>> Yeah, looks pretty simple.  I wonder if it would be enough to have a
>>> checkbox on the IPv6 config page for adding the 6to4 tunnel or
>>> something.
>> I was thinking of an additional option in the 'method' dropdown along
>> the lines of "Automatic, 6to4".

Good idea, just remember to make it difficult to enable ipv6
connection sharing with a 6to4 address, Vista is already messing with
that too much (we regularly see windows computers advertizing their
6to4 prefix in our network, so they hijack all the AAAA traffic from
other computer).

>> We'll need some extra logic that prevents the 6to4 interface from being
>> created when the v4 interface is within RFC1918 space. Would there be
>> any other specific restrictions?
> I run a 6to4 tunnel on an RFC1914 address. I was pretty surprised it worked,
> but it does.

You mean, behind a NAT, using the public IP of the gateway? How does
your computer get the proto41 packets back? Did you put yourself in
DMZ (that's the way I usually it), or is there another trick?


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