Re: Automatic 6to4 for network-manager

On Tue, 2009-11-17 at 23:35 +0200, Graham Beneke wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > So the first steps are to figure out what settings are actually needed
> > for 6to4.  That basically means figuring out the configuration and
> > values that existing tools require.  Fedora has some scripts that do
> > this that might be a guide, and I'm sure other distros automate this
> > too.
> The reason why I thought to start with 6to4 is that its zero config :-)
> The v6 interface IP is simply the v4 address converted into hex and
> mapped into a particular IPv6 prefix and the gateway is always the same
> (anycast) IPv4 address.

Yeah, looks pretty simple.  I wonder if it would be enough to have a
checkbox on the IPv6 config page for adding the 6to4 tunnel or


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