Re: Automatic 6to4 for network-manager

On Mon, 2009-11-16 at 11:42 +0200, Graham Beneke wrote:
> I am wanting to provide an option under the IPv6 settings methods that 
> will automatically configure 6to4 transition interface if a user wants 
> it and a suitable IPv4 connection exists.
> I also want to build functionality for other transition mechanisms but 
> lets start small ;-)
> I've cloned the git repository for both the deamon and the applet but I 
> am a little unsure where I should be looking to begin working on my patches.
> Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on building IPv6 transition 
> functionality into NM ?

So the first steps are to figure out what settings are actually needed
for 6to4.  That basically means figuring out the configuration and
values that existing tools require.  Fedora has some scripts that do
this that might be a guide, and I'm sure other distros automate this

After you've come up with a list, we get to create a new NMSetting
subclass that holds these values and can validate the settings that a
user provides.

Then we write the code in NM to set up the 6to4 tunnel based on those


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