Re: nm vpn plugin api docs?


> challenges were interactive authentication and multiple, concurrent  
> connections -- this is absolutely needed because of the way openswan  
> handles the case of multiple subnets over a single tunnel.

I was facing similar problems in my strongSwan IKEv2 plugin [1].
Interactive authentication is difficult and multiple active connection
is currently almost impossible to implement. I decided to strip these
features, as in most road-warrior scenarios this is not so important.

> So I checked out the latest rev from svn trunk, but I didnt see the  
> API changes you mentioned. Is the rewritten code you 'shelved' even  
> avaiable yet?

There have been some recent API changes:
- VPN secrets in separate settings (r4031)
- UUID, not connection ID is passed to auth dialog (r4053)

> I tried to build anyway, but I'm having a hell of a time getting all  
> the dependencies satisfied. I switched to ubuntu this year, and while  
> I love the stability, the software packages are dated and setting up a  
> sane build environment seems to be a big first step to working on the  
> 0.7 code tree.

There is a NetworkManager PPA available at launchpad [2]. Just install
all the dev packages and you are ready to go. I'm also running a
strongSwan PPA [3] for my NM plugin, so you might want to check that out
to get another example how things work.



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