Re: Mobile Broadband - init string

--On 27 October 2008 11:43 -0400 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
¦ Many modems won't allow +GCAP before a PIN is entered, but will print
¦ out the +GCAP: ..... string in the ATI information.  Not sure how the
¦ palm stuff treats PIN entry, but if it allows +GCAP before the thing is
¦ unlocked via the PIN, then that's fine.
¦ > I think it's questionable to rely on this at hard-coded driver level.
¦ > If the driver needs GCAP then it should use the defined mechanism,
¦ > i.e. AT+GCAP.
¦ Unless the modem doesn't allow certain commands until the PIN is
¦ entered, but we need to know that it's a GSM modem so that we can
¦ actually enter the PIN with AT+CPIN, which many CDMA modems don't use.

I see what you're saying - a bit chicken-and-egg!

This piece of Palm s/w doesn't support PINs anyway. With the phone being a separate device that's only connected when you need to use it, the security issue doesn't really arise, or rather is presumed to be dealt with by the phone itself (e.g. if you can't access the phone you can't run the modem s/w in the first place).


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