Re: Mobile Broadband - init string

Just a follow-up and clarification on my previous problems with modem initialisation.

I can get the Palm software modem to work using this init string, with no other changes:

AT&F\rATV1 X4 &C1 +CREG=0

The embedded CR means this is really 2 commands, which kicks the modem into actually responding!

I did this by binary patching the NetworkManager binary as it was more expedient than re-building from source (I don't have a dev. environment on this machine etc. ...). Hence the string omits E0 and +FCLASS=0, which for this modem are defaults. It wouldn't have a problem if they were included.

It *does* need +CREG=0, as it defaults to +CREG=1.

I used AT&F rather than ATZ, as it is probably more reliable. Technically ATZ resets to settings previously stored using AT&W, whereas AT&F is a full reset. If a modem doesn't support storing settings I guess it's arguable whether it needs to support ATZ. And if it does, it's not possible to guarantee what the stored settings are.

The modem software is "USB Modem" by Mobile Stream. I've been in contact with them regarding the delayed response to initialisation but they can't currently reproduce it. It also doesn't show up if it's connected to Windows, so I'm not over-optimistic that it will be fixed. It may possibly be an issue with the Linux ACM driver.

HTH (I'd still prefer the init string to be definable - or overridable - externally :)


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