Re: New icons for nm-applet

> > > So match the size of the nm-vpn-connecting-* set to the same overall
> > > size as the applet icon area, but just offset the vpn lock itself so
> > > it's positioned in the lower-right corner.  The progress twirlie can
> > > probably stay where it is.
> > > 
> > > Existing connection with VPN active:
> > >
> > 
> > Now I get what you mean... Let me ponder this, I'll get back to you as
> > soon as I can see a good solution.
> Great, hope it's soon :)  I'd think just moving the padlock down and to
> the right in the existing images would be just fine.

Probably, but I'd rather do some sketches of some other ideas, I mean
it's only one image which is used as an overlay, so that one could be
fixed easily, but I'm thinking now in terms of the progress meter for

Maybe if we are moving the padlock down, then I could use icons which
are similar to the standard connecting animation but instead of a dot a
keyhole or something instead.

I'm mulling it, there's some space for flexibility. 

Hopefully i can knock up some updated icons today, and while i'm at it
classify them into sizes for 16,22 and 24


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