Re: New icons for nm-applet

On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 15:27 +0000, Karl Lattimer wrote:
> > Sorry about that, lots 'o mail.  I suck.  Yours look better, thanks :)
> > 
> > One question though: the vpn connecting icons are intended to be
> > composited on top of the existing connection icon, and the ones you drew
> > are centered, thus they would obscure whatever connection icon was
> > underneath.  Is that intended?  
> Ok, one question, I don't have a VPN to connect to so I just drew up
> icons to replace the existing ones, I didn't realise that a composite
> would be made... Could you send me an SVG of the layers in the existing
> composite so I can have a poke at it?

Hmm, how would I do that?  Basically, the VPN lock is always composited
into the lower-righthand corner of the large icon.  Everything else gets
centered.  The existing VPN progress icons are built (with the lock
positioned in the lower-right corner) so that they can just be smashed
on top of the current icon and it'll all be positioned correctly.

So match the size of the nm-vpn-connecting-* set to the same overall
size as the applet icon area, but just offset the vpn lock itself so
it's positioned in the lower-right corner.  The progress twirlie can
probably stay where it is.

Existing connection with VPN active:


> > Any chance you could see what they look
> > like with the padlock in the lower-right corner instead?
> If I can see the composite :)
> >   The progress
> > circle might need to be darker (or have a color and a bit more
> > saturation) so that it stands out against the blue of the WiFi signal
> > bars, not sure exactly how you might want to do that.
> The progress circle is supposed to be contrasting with both light and
> dark themes so it is visible but not opaque, I could probably change it
> so it remains contrasting but is a bit more opaque. I've been using
> these icons for a few days now, and the thing that I really like about
> them (even if I am blowing my own trumpet a little) is that instead of
> two separate LED-a-like lights, we have one dot which goes from
> translucent to yellow to green :) This also solves the problem you
> mentioned earlier regarding the progress bar.
> BR,
>  K

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