Re: New icons for nm-applet

> Sorry about that, lots 'o mail.  I suck.  Yours look better, thanks :)
> One question though: the vpn connecting icons are intended to be
> composited on top of the existing connection icon, and the ones you drew
> are centered, thus they would obscure whatever connection icon was
> underneath.  Is that intended?  

Ok, one question, I don't have a VPN to connect to so I just drew up
icons to replace the existing ones, I didn't realise that a composite
would be made... Could you send me an SVG of the layers in the existing
composite so I can have a poke at it?

> Any chance you could see what they look
> like with the padlock in the lower-right corner instead?

If I can see the composite :)

>   The progress
> circle might need to be darker (or have a color and a bit more
> saturation) so that it stands out against the blue of the WiFi signal
> bars, not sure exactly how you might want to do that.

The progress circle is supposed to be contrasting with both light and
dark themes so it is visible but not opaque, I could probably change it
so it remains contrasting but is a bit more opaque. I've been using
these icons for a few days now, and the thing that I really like about
them (even if I am blowing my own trumpet a little) is that instead of
two separate LED-a-like lights, we have one dot which goes from
translucent to yellow to green :) This also solves the problem you
mentioned earlier regarding the progress bar.


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