Re: Vpn Connections.

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 11:24 +0100, Martinsson Patrik wrote:
> Hello all !
> Im using NetworkManager 0.7 in Fedora 9 and seems to have problem with
> the vpn connections, which is a shame because that is basicly the
> function i want to use :)
> Anyway, the question.
> How does NetworkManagaer handle the import of cisco pcf file ?
> What im really interested in is if it uses all the settings i have in
> that file ?
> Settings im wondering about is, 
> SaveUserPassword=0
> SaveGroupPwd=1
> enc_GroupPwd=[hash]
> Why im wondering this is because when i make a connection to my vpn
> network and i type in the right password, everything works well, but
> if i disconnect and then make second try to connect i want to type in
> a new password (couse we have these RSA secureID tags where we get our
> passwords from for each connection), however i never get
> asked/prompted to type in the password again, it seems like it tries
> to connect with the old password, which of course is not successful..I
> look at the debug messages and what I get is this,

NM-vpnc doesn't yet support the RSA secureID tags.  We'll be doing this
soon (post 0.7) but at the moment, we cannot handle the
challenge/response very well.  There are patches in Fedora to "only save
the group password in the keyring" which you might be able to use, but
upstream we'll fix this in a better manner.


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