Re: Some questions -- WPA-PSK failure

The Holy ettlz wrote:

My home network runs WPA-PSK (yeah, I know the risks, I wrote the attack paper, but my Radius server is currently down). I frequently run into the situation where NetworkManager is not succeeding in authenticating to the AP. I have no sniffing data; I would like to see some packets, but Wireshark does not show interface eth1 (the wireless one). I end up having to reboot to get wireless working, or switch to wired.

Does it authenticate OK when you take down the interface and restart
NetworkManager? (I ask because I have a similar problem with one WAP
that'll only authenticate once, *guaranteed*, but then never again; yet
with another WAP backending to the same RADIUS server, it'll
re-authenticate with no problems whenever I ask. See RH Bugzilla
I will have to wait until friday to test this (provided it fails then!),
but for what it is worth, I could connect to the unsecured "Oakland
Wireless" AP near my home, but not my WPA-PSK AP that was under my
desk.  I did not try taking the interface down.  Should have.

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