Re: Some questions -- turnoff radio

Ryan Novosielski wrote:
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Dan Williams wrote:

If you uncheck "Wireless Enabled" after right-clicking the applet, this
should down the interface, which if the driver is correctly written
(some are not), should turn off the wireless power to the card.
Well it did not.  The LED lights were happily flashing away, seemingly
indicating something going out the card (like active scanning).
  If your
card doesn't turn off the TX power when you run 'iwconfig eth1 down'
then it's a driver bug.
I will try this next.  I only did an iwconfig eth1 power on to turn on
power management.  Obviously the wrong piece of magic.

Mine used to do work this way and does no longer. I also use ipw3945, so
I figured this was worth mentioning. It is somewhat disappointing,
because it used to be my way of making sure there was no radio noise.
Now if I really want to do that, it's the killswitch only.
Kill is not an option.  The whole point is to use the computer without
any power draw by the wireless radio!

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