Re: WPA2 WLAN with self-assigned IP addresses

On Tue, 2008-01-15 at 15:22 +0100, Rainer Rehak wrote:
> Dear networkmanager developers,
> is it possible to use NM to join WPA2-encrypted WLANs, where no 
> dhcp-server is present (all clients use self-assigned addresses)? 
> This would require some kind of presets manager, I assume. Waiting 
> for reply...

I don't think this will work out of the box right now.  However, 0.7
should allow this possibility fairly easily, though you'll likely have
to indicate in the connection editor that you just want a self-assigned
IP address.  The issue here is that for some configurations (WEP
especially) there's no indication that your WEP key is wrong except that
DHCP fails, so the user in this case needs to let NM know that they
don't expect DHCP to work on that network in the first place.


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