Re: GTK+ and libnotify requirements for 0.7 gnome applet

Hi Dan,

> Two things...  First, would anyone mind terribly if the GTK+ requirement
> were bumped to GTK+ >= 2.10 ?  This allows us to use GtkStatusIcon and
> to get rid of the eggtrayicon.c code and the alternate packing model it
> has to use.  What distros are people running (if you're using NM 0.7),
> and what version of GTK does that distro use?
> Second, I'd like to use the libnotify notification code exclusively and
> remove the notification dialogs that get used when libnotify is not
> present.  There are some user-interface improvements that I've been
> thinking of that would use notification bubbles extensively.

go for it. I did this for the Bluetooth applet some time ago. Keeping
compat code around is painful and ugly. I stopped bothering for distros
that are older than 1 year.



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