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Please excuse me for reply to this message.
I know that this isn't a help forum but I cannot stop myself from asking...

How do you trigger process of checking the subnet we've moved on? 

Hasan Ceylan

Casey Harkins wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 12:43 +0100, The Holy ettlz wrote:
>> On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 14:36 +0300, Tambet Ingo wrote:
>> > This can (and should) be done easily with dispatcher scripts. There's
>> > a lot of things that might need to be changed depending on location
>> > (things like printers, browser proxies, SMTP server, firewall, ...)
>> I've been thinking about this recently --- is there an established,
>> medium-neutral way of securely identifying a network? I was thinking of
>> doing something like adding an extra option to DHCP that gave clients a
>> HTTPS URL which they could use to identify and authenticate a network
>> (triggered by an NMD hook), and then configure themselves according to a
>> local database.
>> James
> The approach we've taken is to use separate private subnets for various
> networks, avoiding the commonly used ones (,
>, From this we can deduce which subnet
> we are on (never hit an airport/hotel/coffee shop that uses any of our
> subnets). One of the things we do with this (which gets back to the
> original poster's idea) is to automatically add/remove printers based on
> the subnet using a dispatcher script. Our script even pops up a
> libnotify message letting you know when printers were added/removed and
> which one it set as the system default. As we add new printers at
> various offices, we just drop a ppd file and simple config file into our
> package, push out an updated rpm, and all machines will support the new
> printer if they are connected to that subnet. I can think of better ways
> to handle this, but this is a simple low-tech solution that has worked
> well for a few years now.
> -casey
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