Re: Network Manager and NFS

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 11:29 -0700, Robert Smits wrote:
> > I think what you're asking for is called Network Location Awareness ---
> > how an interface distinguishes to which network it is attached, and then
> > the machine configures itself as appropriate. I think there a few
> > implementations of this [standards, anybody?] but personally I like this
> > one: authenticated DHCP, since it should also work securely for plain
> > old wired Ethernet.
> Will that also work with fixed IP addresses?

Not unless said addresses are dished out by the DHCP server from its own
fixed database. Otherwise, one would have to resort to something more
exotic to determine the network, or do it manually.

> From my point of view, SCMP already works, but I can't use it together with 
> Network Manager. Can we either configure Network Manager to work with SCMP or 
> SCMP to work with Network Manager? I don't know which route is more feasible, 
> largely because I don't understand from a technical viewpoint why the 
> programs  don't play nicely together. Is there a solution here that's easier 
> than re-inventing the wheel?

The "best" solution is probably a dbus-aware module for SCMP that
listens for changes announced by NM, and reacts accordingly. This is
something you might wish to discuss with the SCMP developers.


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