An Idea


I have an idea and would like to share with the Network Manager developers
before posting an enhancement request to the bugzilla.

I use my laptop mainly home and at the office. I have a vpn that connects me
to the office when I am working at home.

Not the VPN IP address and the lAN IP address of the SVN server are
obviously different. And the vpn server is neither at home nor at the
office. So it fine to go the svn by the VPN IP when I am out of the office
but when I am in the office, in order to reach the SVN server, I'll have to
travel through the VPN server (thus the internet -> slow) 

So there is one option, As I move around I'll have to keep different hosts
files and change them according to my current location. ie: change the SVN
server's IP address from VPN IP to Office LAN IP.

I looked into the possibility of using DNS to return *closer* IP of the
destination server but AFAIK, this is not possible. 

Now, then the dynamic hosts file idea came on my mind. Wouldn't it be nice
to have some hosts definitions  in the connection properties so that they
become effective based on the connection just like the IP and DNS setting
based on connection profile in Network Manager

Hasan Ceylan
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