Re: Network Manager and NFS

On August 13, 2008 03:30:21 pm The Holy ettlz wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-08-13 at 14:37 -0700, Robert Smits wrote:
> > My workaround, which isn't entirely satisfactory, is to use ifup and
> > dispense with network manager altogether. Unfortunately, that doesn't
> > allow me to see other possible network connections and make quick and
> > easy connections when I'm on the road.
> >
> > What I still don't understand, though, is why Network Manager isn't
> > configured to deal with managing changing nfs networks.
> I think what you're asking for is called Network Location Awareness ---
> how an interface distinguishes to which network it is attached, and then
> the machine configures itself as appropriate. I think there a few
> implementations of this [standards, anybody?] but personally I like this
> one: authenticated DHCP, since it should also work securely for plain
> old wired Ethernet.

Will that also work with fixed IP addresses?

From my point of view, SCMP already works, but I can't use it together with 
Network Manager. Can we either configure Network Manager to work with SCMP or 
SCMP to work with Network Manager? I don't know which route is more feasible, 
largely because I don't understand from a technical viewpoint why the 
programs  don't play nicely together. Is there a solution here that's easier 
than re-inventing the wheel?

> I've got a bit of time on my hands, I might code up my earlier HTTPS
> idea.
> There's a whole bunch of things you can hook into changes in network
> such as iptables, service daemons, etc., and of course NFS mounts. But
> before that the relevant NLA infrastructure needs to be in place. This
> means having (1) a mechanism to identify the network, and (2) telling
> other processes (such as other config daemons) that we're on that
> network. It should be up to the latter what action we take. NM already
> has "network link awareness", viz. Pidgin and Evolution. Am I right in
> thinking that the replacement for init is also dbus-aware?
> Of course, all this takes time ...and planning ;)

Yes, it does. And thanks for thinking about the issue. I appreciate it. 

Robert Smits CEP525G

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