Re: blocking bug for laptop users ( rfkill on dell laptop )

> That's only 1/2 the problem.  It's kind of pointless to fix the bug
> you're referring to before we have real rfkill support, since right  now
> the only time the applet cares about the status is during
> suspend/resume, really.  When the rfkill stuff works, this applet bug
> will be quite a bit more relevant to every-day use.
> Dan

it is relevant because laptop hotkeys scripts might call this function.

Anyway, ok we will wait for the rfkill stuff to work. I didn't understand one thing: when this support will be added, and I will press the hotkey, will NM automatically set its status correctly? or should I call a function to update it?

How,in your opinion, would be the correct way to handle laptop leds?

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