Re: blocking bug for laptop users ( rfkill on dell laptop )

On Sat, 2007-05-26 at 06:34 +0000, yelo_3 wrote:
> > That's only 1/2 the problem.  It's kind of pointless to fix the bug
> > you're referring to before we have real rfkill support, since right  now
> > the only time the applet cares about the status is during
> > suspend/resume, really.  When the rfkill stuff works, this applet bug
> > will be quite a bit more relevant to every-day use.
> > 
> > Dan
> it is relevant because laptop hotkeys scripts might call this function.
> Anyway, ok we will wait for the rfkill stuff to work. I didn't understand one thing: when this support will be added, and I will press the hotkey, will NM automatically set its status correctly? or should I call a function to update it?

HAL just got rfkill support in HAL 0.5.9.  That means we can finally get
NM to use use it.  NM will automatically monitor the status of the
rfkill keys (via HAL) and enable/disable the device automatically.
There shouldn't be a need for external scripts of any kind.

> How,in your opinion, would be the correct way to handle laptop leds?

Interesting; that should also be handled by HAL at the highest level if
needed.  It's intimately tied into rfkill, and therefore should be
handled by the same code/framework (ie, not NM) that actually handles
the rfkill key events.


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