Re: intel pro wireless 3945ABG + Feisty Ubuntu + F7t4

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

May 3 12:07:39 pgpdev NetworkManager: <info> Activation (wlan0) Stage 5 of 5 (IP Configure Commit) complete. May 3 12:07:39 pgpdev NetworkManager: <info> Activation (wlan0) successful, device activated.

Interesting; that means that the device either (a) doesn't think it has
a link, or (b) the device's preferred access point is no longer valid.

(a) is more likely a driver thing, (b) is more likely an NM thing.

I'm thinking more and more that we need more debugging info in NM.  It
would probably be worth it to sanitize the debugging printouts for 0.6.5
and make NM cycle through debug levels with a SIGHUP or something.
Because we're just not getting enough debug info from most users.

I suspect a bit of both.  The iwlwifi driver still feels unstable.
After I sent this message off I DID sucessfully connect to my 802.11g
network, but I still can't seem to connect to the 802.11a at all.
(Keep in mind that it's the same BSSID for both networks).  I was
connected for a while, but then it just stopped sending packets and
I couldn't reconnect again.

I'm certainly happy to help in whatever debugging you'd like me to
do.  Unfortunately I dont think this new laptop is stable enough for
me to take it with me to California next week, so I'll stil with my
old one.  But when I get back I'll certainly be happy to help debug
in any way I can.

I'd like to see Fedora 7 + NM + iwlwifi solidify quickly.  :)  I got
the 3945 specifically on the theory that it would be more stable
than an Atheros card.  I hope I wasn't mistaken!



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