Re: intel pro wireless 3945ABG + Feisty Ubuntu

On Tue, 2007-05-01 at 07:44 -0500, Nicolas Will wrote:
> I. wrote:
> > Hello friends,
> > i've just installed on my laptop Ubuntu Feisty (last version):
> > i have a intel pro wireless 3945ABG, which ubuntu seems to
> > detect and activate. Infact, on the Network Manager, i can
> > see the list of wireless networks in my neighborhood. But
> > when i try to connect, it asks for WEP key and when i type
> > it ... it doesnt connect. Also when i try to connect to a free
> > network (there is one here), it does not go on.
> > So the problem is that my box notices networks, but can't
> > connect them....
> >
> > Seems like it does not give me an ip address.
> >
> > What should i do, in your opinion?
> > Someone has this configuration  (feisty+intel pro wireless 3945abg) ?
> >  
> > THANKS for your help guys... :-) 
> I am afraid that I have to "me too" this one.
> Same setup (Feisty and intel 3945), and same results on some WEP networks.
> WPA and WPA2 work without any issue.
> But WEP et acting weird. My brief look at logs may point towards
> authentication and association, but failures at the DHCP stage.
> Going manual using the Gnome settings helps.
> Now, I hope that this is not due to the Debian/Ubuntu tweaks to NM...

Is this with iwlwifi or the older 3945 ieee80211-based drivers?


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