Re: VPN Interface Suggestion

> I think it would make sense to add a checkbox option titled "exclusive 
> connection" to each of the vpn configuration dialogs, with some sort of 
> tooltip stating "When established, this vpn connection will disconnect all 
> other vpn connections." 

Is this really required to disallow multiple connections? Isn't it
possible to run multiple OpenVPN connections and multiple IPsec
connections at the same time?
If a VPN service does not support multiple connections (which one does
not?), it should handle that on its own and signal changes to NM.

I think replacing the radio buttons in the "VPN Connections" menu by
checkboxes should be considered. So each individal connection can be
brought up and down, independently. This seems very intuitive to me.

As I have seen so far, the DBUS API needs some changes to support
multiple connections. Currently only one active connection is allowed
per DBUS service. Or did I miss the point?


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