Re: VPN Interface Suggestion

On Mon, 2007-04-30 at 12:57 -0600, Bob Z. wrote:
> I would like to make a quick suggestion regarding the VPN interface in 
> network-manager.  I think this has been eluded to before, but I have not 
> followed this list closely and I couldn't turn up any matches in my brief 
> search.
> I think it would make sense to add a checkbox option titled "exclusive 
> connection" to each of the vpn configuration dialogs, with some sort of 
> tooltip stating "When established, this vpn connection will disconnect all 
> other vpn connections."  The checkbox would default to enabled for all vpn 
> types except for ipsec connections (vpnc and the openswan applet that is 
> under development).  Then add checkboxes to the applet next to each 
> connection name, conveying whether or not each connection is active.  This 
> would allow users to connect to multiple vpns at the same time, and would 
> keep the interface simple.  For example, ticking a checkbox next to the name 
> of a connection establishes it -- and depending on the "exclusive connection" 
> setting -- will disconnect all other active connections.  Unticking a 
> checkbox next to the name of a vpn connection would disconnect from the vpn.  
> The average user would be largely unaffected by the change, but it would 
> greatly benefit ipsec users.

Right; I think it's clear that current VPN model is no longer adequate
for the expanded use-cases we'd like to cover.  I'd also like to be able
to tie a VPN to a particular connection, so that whenever I bring up my
Sprint CDMA card, for example, it VPNs to work.  But I think these ideas
are pointing in the right direction.


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