no WPA for intel pro wireless 3945 ABG when using static ip address


I'm running ubuntu feisty fawn with version 0.6.4 of the
networkmanager. I can't select anything beyond WEP when disabling
roaming mode and using a static ip address.
My intel 3945 ABG and its driver do support wpa/wpa2.

How can I force networkmanager into using wpa/wpa2 in this case?

I've been able to connect to my us robotics MAXG 5451 access point
using WPA2 though, using the roaming mode of the networkmanager. In
this case I have to add a new default gateway to my routing table upon
connection because networkmanager stubbornly configures an invalid
one. It also keeps on emptying my resolv.conf file so I have to add a
valid nameserver too.

What is going wrong in this case and how can I resolve it.

Thanks in advance,

kind regards,
W.P. van Paassen

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