Using a different WEP key index

Hello everyone.
I'm running Ubuntu 7.04, and I have an Atheros based wi-fi card hence all
the ath0-ing going on below.
My situation is that the wireless network I need to connect to requires me
to use the second key index.
Here is how I've got it running on the command line:

sudo ifconfig ath0 down
sudo iwconfig ath0 essid <my network name>
sudo iwconfig ath0 ap <my access point's mac address>
sudo iwconfig ath0 key [2] <my WEP key>
sudo iwconfig ath0 key [2]
sudo iwconfig ath0 key open
sudo iwconfig ath0 key on
sudo ifconfig ath0 up
sudo dhclient ath0
ping (pings are returned)

The problems with this are:
- it took me 3 hours to figure out
- i don't know how to connect without first knowing the mac address of the
AP i'm trying to connect to
- probably the biggest problem, the connection drops after about 10 seconds
unless I keep it alive by pinging somewhere

What I need to be able to do:
- Get network manager to accept a key for index 2 and then use it

As you may have gathered, I'm stuck on this part.
Both the Microsoft wi-fi manager and the custom Win32 wi-fi manager supplied
with the PCMCIA card have the option to use either key 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Network manager doesn't, or not that I can see, and means I don't know what
to do.

Is this possible to do with network manager at the moment?
For preference I'd really like to get it working in NM but I'll settle for a
way to keep it working for a usable period of time via the terminal.

Thanks for any advice.

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