Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

John W. Linville wrote:

Did you try the old vs. new kernels with a manual (i.e. wireless-tools)
configuration?  I think you will find that the new ones work better
with hidden SSIDs than the old ones do.  Of course, this is most
easily confirmed with WEP or open networks.

Will do!

Using the patched NM, I can "Connect to other wireless network" and it works. But I noticed a different problem. After a warm "reboot", NM will notice the network and connect when I log in. After a cold "boot", I'll have to "Connect to other wireless network" again. Probably due to the

Beats me -- what hardware are you using?  The Intel cards use hardware
scanning, so maybe they are caching some results?

This is Intel iwl4965 - previously I had a 3945 card and didn't have these problems - of course, the entire driver stack for those devices has been replaced since :). But the phenomenon about the cold vs warm boot "feels" like it could be h/w caching kicking in.


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