Re: NM fc5 prism wpa_supp setup?

Morgan Read wrote:
Thanks for following up folks:)
Since I first posted I've noticed a little more strangeness:
- On the UoA network (wpa) the network shows up under the nm-applet menu
under Wireless Networks, but if I click on that network to connect I'm
offered only the wep configuration options (like at home), but
-- If I select the "Connect to Other Wireless Network..." option I get
the whole smorgasbord of options from wep -> wpa2, but
-- If I select the "Create New Wireless Network..." I get only the
options from wep -> wpa (no wpa2)

Is this correct behaviour - shouldn't I get all wpa options by selecting
the UoA network?  Or is one _supposed_ to set up wpa networks prior to
finding them?

Have just set up a couple of test WPA networks here, and when I click on a new one, it picks up the settings and presents the appropriate config dialog automatically - either WPA-PSK or WPA-Enterprise.

"Connect to other wireless network" gives me the whole range from WEP->WPA2.

"Create new wireless network" gives me just WEP->WPA1. This seems sane as a WPA2 ad-hoc network doesn't make sense.

I think your driver must be reporting the WPA support, else you wouldn't see those choices in "Connect to other..", but afraid I have no idea why it's not giving you the right options when you try to connect..

(Btw, am using NM 0.6.2 with an ipw3945 here).


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