Re: NM fc5 prism wpa_supp setup?

Thanks for following up folks:)

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-05-11 at 16:27 +0100, Jon Escombe wrote:
>> Hi Morgan,
>> I can maybe help you with a couple of your points (I don't have your 
>> card, but am using NM under FC5)..
>>  > _Issues_
>>  > - When I attempt to authenticate with the uoa wireless network through
>>  > NM all I'm offered the wep options (as per my home wep network)
>> This list is populated using the capabilities reported by your driver. 
>> Is the hostap driver any better in this respect?
While I'd like to use the orinoco_cs because of the better reception,
I'm *actually* using hostap_cs because it seems to be the only one of
the two to do wpa (see orinoco cf. hostap here: - contrary to the notes on
the hostap, I don't seem to need to blacklist orinoco in
/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist any more for hostap, i.e. hostap seems to be
the default now - but, in the recent past I've had them fight)

>>  > - I found /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant, which seems to list only
>>  > configuration for hostap driver (wlan0) or ndiswrapper?
>>  > -- Is this the config for wpa_supp working with NM?  If so, can it be
>>  > configured for use with other drivers, i.e. orinoco?
>> NM doesn't use the static configuration file, but will start a new 
>> instance of wpa_supplicant and pass it the correct parameters - so 
>> wpa_supplicant shouldn't be running already. I believe the standard 
>> package configures wpa_supp to use wext in all cases (but might be wrong 
>> - there have been some patches around to override this).
>> NM 0.6.2 is in the FC5 updates-testing repository, and might be worth a 
>> try. However, you'll still be stuck at the first point above without the 
>> driver telling NM that the card is capable of WPA...
I assume as I'm on hostap this'll be happening anyway - my next comment
confirms this?  Or, not?

Since I first posted I've noticed a little more strangeness:
- On the UoA network (wpa) the network shows up under the nm-applet menu
under Wireless Networks, but if I click on that network to connect I'm
offered only the wep configuration options (like at home), but
-- If I select the "Connect to Other Wireless Network..." option I get
the whole smorgasbord of options from wep -> wpa2, but
-- If I select the "Create New Wireless Network..." I get only the
options from wep -> wpa (no wpa2)

Is this correct behaviour - shouldn't I get all wpa options by selecting
the UoA network?  Or is one _supposed_ to set up wpa networks prior to
finding them?

> FYI, it and the newer wpa_supplicant got moved to -updates yesterday.
Yes, I saw that and should probably update and check things again before
going much further.  Thanks.

Morgan Read

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