Re: rt2x00/rt2500 support

I created a testing function to fill in the wireless stats with 0 values, and great news, the rt2x00 chipset is detected as a wireless card. It does everything except WPA, so not much better than the legacy rt2400/rt2500 at the moment. I seem to be getting a lot of "Device or resource busy" warnings from NetworkManager like

NetworkManager: <WARNING> nm_device_802_11_wireless_set_mode (): error setting card wlan0 to Infrastructure mode: Device or resource busy NetworkManager: <WARNING> nm_device_802_11_wireless_scan (): could not trigger wireless scan on device wlan0: Device or resource busy
(even though it did actually scan here... I'm a bit confused)

The only other warning I can see that might have something to do with WPA not working is ** (nm-applet:3052): WARNING **: <WARNING> wsm_set_capabilities (): capabilities='3000' and did not match any protocals, not even none!

But that's probably because all the values of wlan0 in /proc/net/wireless are 0, except for status, which is 1, maybe?


On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 08:36:29 +1200, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:

On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 07:12 +1200, Eion Robb wrote:
I've attached both the output of /proc/net/wireless (pretty much blank)

Ok; this is because d80211 (at least as included in rt2x00 driver) isn't
setting the wireless stats handler, which I believe makes the device
show up in /proc/net/wireless.

See airo, for example:

static const struct iw_handler_def	airo_handler_def =
	.num_standard	= sizeof(airo_handler)/sizeof(iw_handler),
	.num_private	= sizeof(airo_private_handler)/sizeof(iw_handler),
.num_private_args = sizeof(airo_private_args)/sizeof(struct iw_priv_args),
	.standard	= airo_handler,
	.private	= airo_private_handler,
	.private_args	= airo_private_args,
	.get_wireless_stats = airo_get_wireless_stats,

The ieee80211/ieee80211_ioctl.c file in the rt2x00 driver doesn't set
the ".get_wireless_stats" handler:

const struct iw_handler_def ieee80211_iw_handler_def =
	.num_standard	= sizeof(ieee80211_handler) / sizeof(iw_handler),
	.num_private	= sizeof(ieee80211_private_handler) /
	.num_private_args = sizeof(ieee80211_ioctl_priv) /
			    sizeof(struct iw_priv_args),
	.standard	= (iw_handler *) ieee80211_handler,
	.private	= (iw_handler *) ieee80211_private_handler,
	.private_args	= (struct iw_priv_args *) ieee80211_ioctl_priv,

Jiri, what's involved here?  The actual handler for get_wireless_stats
is quite simple; see below.  It returns a 'struct iw_statistics' for
which it looks like all the information is available in d80211

static struct iw_statistics *airo_get_wireless_stats(struct net_device *dev)
	struct airo_info *local =  dev->priv;


	return &local->wstats;


and another attempt at  the "tree /sys" output.


> AFAIK, HAL looks at /proc/net/wireless, parses the interface names, and
> uses that to determine whether or not the device is a wireless device.
> Since it appears that /proc/net/wireless is eventually going away, HAL
> may need to get changed to recognize the /sys/class/ieee80211 directory
> that dscape presents, or something like that.
> What does your /proc/net/wireless say when the card is plugged in and
> the driver is loaded?
> Dan

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