Re: rt2x00/rt2500 support

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 09:08:01 +1200, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:

I just pulled the nightly CVS from here:

for the rt2500.  I can find nowhere the driver actually supports WEXT.
I thought some bits of the rt2x00 driver used the devicescape 80211
stack, which means they _would_ actually support some stuff for WEXT.
But I can't find anywhere in the driver that does.

You were on the right page, but the link for the rt2x00 driver is
The driver you downloaded was the old legacy (ralink supplied) driver

Furthermore, it doesn't look like the scan results function actually
returns the BSSID's WPA or RSN generic information element.  Which is
pretty much necessary.
I'm guessing this is from using the old driver right? Just to check, what command are you running and whats an example of correct results (just in case it isn't working now, I can look out for it in the future)

So if it does actually work for you with -Dwext for WPA, where did you
get the driver from?

As above


So is there any reason for it not to be detected by NetworkManager?


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