rt2x00/rt2500 support

Hi there,

I've been testing the ralink rt2500 and rt2x00 drivers with NetworkManager and I'm kind of frustrated with the NetworkManagerHardware wiki page.

RaLink rt2x00
Provider:	http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com
Driver:	rt2x00
Status: Supports unencrypted and WEP networks when used with NetworkManager. While the driver supports WPA, it does not use Linux Wireless Extensions for WPA support, which is required for NetworkManager.

This is from the wiki page, but is very wrong.
The legacy (ralink provided) rt2500/rt2400 drivers support unencrypted and WEP networks and not WPA (with NetworkManager) as mentioned in the wiki The new (serialmonkey) rt2x00 drivers dont show anything up in the nm-applet, as if it's not detected at all, and it _does_ use the wireless extensions (works with wpa_supplicant -Dwext) for WPA. In fact, looking at the output of the NetworkManager daemon, it doesn't even blink an eye when I load up the rt2x00 driver, but tells me I have a device when I load up the rt2500 driver.

Is there some kind of debugging information I can turn on with NetworkManager to help track down the problem? I'm really keen to help out to get NetworkManager working with my wireless card.

--Eion Robb

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