Re: NM do not see any network

On 12/6/06, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
I'll check out launchpad tonight and see what bugs are filed and also
look at what patches have been applied to the package and see if I can
correlate any of them to the recent problems people have reported.

Looking over launchpad last night I see basically the same bugs
repeated over and over regarding specific wireless cards but I did not
see this specific issue.

I also looked at the patches and there are 9 patches applied to the
base 0.6.3 tarball.  I am not sure why Ubuntu is not at 0.6.4 but I
think the maintainer may not have had the time between Dapper and

The patches seem relatively minor (Though I am probably not a good
judge of that ;-) ) I can post all the patches if someone would like
me to.

Here they are in summary:
Supplicant timeout patch:  Increases the timeout when trying to
associate to 60 seconds.
dbus_access_network: adds the user haldaemon to Networkmanager.conf
if_fix: adds #define _LINUX_IF_H
resolvconf patch: changes the function
nm_system_should_modify_resolve_conf to return false in
dispatch_more_events: Seems to add pre-up and post-down events to
dispatcher.d  Wasn't this always an option?  Maybe what someone asked
earlier about running a command before an interface is activated is
possible with dispatcher.d with this patch?
disabled_devices: This tells NM not to touch devices managed in
rml_wpa_workarounds: Robert's "famous" wpa workarounds patch  ;-)
hostap-supplicant-driver: adds a workaround for the hostap driver
dbus 0.9: Changes dbus_connection_disconnect to dbus_connection_close ?

I saw in the release notes for Feisty beta (I forgot the catchy code
name they used) that NM might be the default network management
utility for Feisty so I think the testing period there will hopefully
shake out any issues with their packages and maybe (hopefully?) will
get some patches sent upstream.

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